GWNC Candidate Filing Now Open!

If you have a vision for our neighborhood, if you want to make a difference in land use, transportation, sustainability, and emergency preparedness, run for the GWNC!

The Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council speaks to city government on behalf of all the diverse groups that make up our local community— geographic areas, homeowners, renters, educators, business, religious, and non-profit interests.

The GWNC is the organization that tells the City what our community wants and needs, and it thrives on strong, competing visions of how we can influence City Council offices and municipal departments. GWNC Members are the voice of the public.

GWNC board members are elected every two years by the area stakeholders – people who live, work and own property in the GWNC area.

Recording Link for 4/21 LADOT Stress-Free Connections Meeting

At a special joint meeting of the GWNC Transportation Committee and Board on April 21, 2021, LADOT representatives David Somers, Rubina Ghazarian, and Severin Martinez presented on and answered questions about the Stress Free Connections Project, which includes the GWNC intersections of 4th/Highland, 4th/Rossmore, and Beverly/St. Andrews. A recording of the meeting is available at