Citizen Recognition Program

Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council Citizen Recognition Award

Purpose: The GWNC awards community members for their service, dedication and/or commitment to enhancing and/or improving the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood. Committee accepts nominations year-round.

Criteria for selection:

  • The nominee performed, created or developed an activity and/or public service (volunteer or other) that positively enhanced and/or impacted the Greater Wilshire neighborhood;
  • The nominee contributed to the community through an act, achievement or service that directly or indirectly advanced the opportunities and/or benefited others in the Greater Wilshire neighborhood;
  • The nominee has demonstrated a clear commitment and/or civic pride by performing an outstanding act or achievement or by rendering distinguished service to the improvement of the Greater Wilshire neighborhood;
  • The nominee is a stakeholder, child/dependent of a stakeholder, college‐enrolled child /dependent of a stakeholder or a student enrolled in a school within the boundaries of the GWNC;
  • The nominee is NOT an active GWNC board member (or alternate) or a member of the immediate family of active GWNC board member(s) (or alternate(s)).

The Process:

  1. Download the Nomination form: GWNC Citizen Recognition Nominating form
  2. Return to GWNC by:
    • Email: or
    • US Mail: GWNC, Attn: Outreach Committee, 419 N. Larchmont Blvd., #331, Los Angeles, CA, 90004
    • In Person: Outreach Committee Meetings occur on the 1st Saturday of every month at 9:30am. The Citizen Recognition Program is always on the agenda and nominations may be accepted then.

Citizen Recognition Award Recipients 

December 2020 – Emma Howard (with distinction)
December 2020 – Rob Fisher (with distinction)
December 2020 – Nick Greif (with distinction)
December 2020 – Catherine Landers (with distinction)
December 2020 – Nikki Ezhari (with distinction)
December 2020 – David Ryu (with distinction)
February 2020 – Jeff Burt
December 2019 – Florence Wright
October 2019 – Ginny Kazor
December 2018 – Joe Hoffman
September 2016 – Jess Carter
April, 2016 – Doris Tucker
March, 2016 – Diane Dicksteen
May, 2015 – Darnella Davidson
January, 2015 – Henrietta Cosentino
December, 2014 – Roy Forbes
November, 2014 – June Bilgore
September, 2014 – Lyn Cohen
August, 2014 – Margy Hudson
July, 2014 – Jocelyn Duarte
May, 2014 – Steve Martinez
February, 2014 – Raul Rodriguez
January, 2014 – Fred Pickel
September, 2013 – Jane Gilman
August, 2013 – Marguerite “Chickie” Byrne
July, 2013 – Margaret Sowma
February, 2013 – Elizabeth Fuller
November, 2012 – John Welborne

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