2016 Preliminary Election Results

These are the projected winners from the election held Sunday, May 1, 2016 for the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council from the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment based on totals posted at http://empowerla.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Greater-Wilshire-2016-Unofficial-Canvass-of-Votes.pdf.

There were 21 board seats available, with 37 candidates running for 20 of them (the Education seat had no registered candidates). Under GWNC bylaws, the first place finisher in each race becomes the Board Member for that seat, while the second place finisher becomes the official Alternate for that seat.

An * after a name indicates a returning Board Member or Alternate.

Area 1 – Brookside
Board Member: Owen Smith*
Alternate: None

Area 2 – Citrus Square
Board Member: Jeffry Carpenter*
Alternate: Adam Morgens*

Area 3 – Country Club Heights
Board Member:  Frances McFall*
Alternate:  None

Area 4 – Fremont Place
Board Member: Cam Davis*
Alternate: None (Candidate Bobbie Kumetz did not receive any votes)

Area 5 – Hancock Park
Board Member: James Wolf*
Alternate: None

Area 6 – La Brea-Hancock
Board Member: Barbara Savage*
Alternate: Bradley Jewett

Area 7 – Larchmont Village
Board Member: Charles D’Atri*
Alternate: Paul Hunter

Area 8 – Melrose
Board Member: Philip Farha*
Alternate: None

Area 9 – Oakwood/Maplewood/St. Andrews
Board Member: Nancy Kim
Alternate: Max Kirkham

Area 10 – Ridgewood-Wilton/St. Andrews Square
Board Member: Patricia Carroll*
Alternate:  Kathleen Mulligan*

Area 11 – Sycamore Square
Board Member: Steven Senigram
Alternate: Sue Horwitz

Area 12 – Western-Wilton
Board Member: Greg Wittmann*
Alternate: None

Area 13 – Wilshire Park
Board Member/Alternate (tie): John Gresham*/Robby O’Donnell*

Area 14 – Windsor Square
Board Member: Caroline Labiner Moser*
Alternate: None

Area 15 – Windsor Village
Board Member: Julie Stromberg*
Alternate: None

At Large
Board Member: Karen Gilman*
Alternate: Phivan Ha

Board Member: John Winther*
Alternate: None

Other Non-Profit
Board member: Tucker Carney
Alternate: Colette Amin*

Board Member: Mike Genewick*
Alternate: None

Board Member: Joe Hoffman*
Alternate: James Rosales

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